Story of Moguelle

She is a woman whose energy is hot AF.

Her attitude?

I am more than the “boss”- having it all, is a secret better than being in a position where she is the overworked boss babe/Entrepreneur/CEO at the top... because it turns her into someone she doesn’t even know or like.

She embodies a woman who has an artistic passion.

In private, she is mastering herself with the understanding that all it takes to be extraordinary is the little word... extra. She has a magnanimous nature that gives an essence of invulnerability. Even then she is open about her weaknesses and does not try to overcompensate them.

She takes others under her wing and always finds their unique place in her relationships with them. They often compliment where she falls short, and many of them have seen her have a good cry as they have gotten to know her well.

On the outside, she straight up looks like the iconic villain in the biggest epic when she is walking in the room her mana fills it without words.  

Time has taught her the benefit of being able to suffer long and hard.