Complete 16 Pigment Collections

Complete 16 Pigment Collections

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Include all 16 Inorganic Iron Oxide Pigments

Eve - Brown/Black cool. A luxurious pigment for deep rich mahogany tones used in place of black. Always modify with Truth to ensure a warm healed result.

Worship - Absolute Darkest Brown - warm neutral. This dark brown has a warm neutral brown base. Also great for eyeliner on fair skin.

Blessed - Rich Cocoa - Warm. To be used on very olive skin, or at touchup for the brow that calls for more warmth after a Golden-Brown base has been established.

Pure - Warm - This Medium Warm Brown has no black in it – therefore ensuring no graying in very cool skin and for microblading and the use of similar tools that make fine lines.

Exalted - Deep Auburn - Warm. For adding an auburn hue at touchup. An intense warm color that can also be used as a correcting color for gray or greenish-gray or bluish-gray brows or for brows that are not very saturated.

Faith - Light Golden Brown -Neutral. The perfect light golden brown for most light brown-haired clients. The color in the bottle appears almost too yellow/green, but under the skin, it will give you a beautiful light golden brown. The small amount of black in the formula is what makes this more of a Neutral color.

Chosen - Light Brown - Warm. A light brown. There is more warmth in this shade. Best used on olive skin but can be used on most skin tones.

Hope - Taupe A Light Grayish Brown - Neutral. A light grayish brown. This light taupe has enough yellow so as not to pull too much gray. Perfect for people with fair skin.

Adore - Blonde - Neutral. The perfect shade of blonde that will heal beautifully on the lightest Fitz 1 or 2 natural blonde.

Eternal Camouflage A brown based beige with a warm undertone.

Grace Correction A light greenish taupe. Enough yellow so not to pull too much gray. For correcting orange red.

Joy Correction A mustard-colored modifying shade. Used for lightening. Also, used for correcting brows that have turned violet.

Love Camouflage A darker rose colored beige tone. Used for adding the ruddiness some skins have. Used at touchup only. Often used a wash.

Saint Camouflage A light medium beige tone. Used often in a wash to lighten/soften/smooth already camouflaged areas.

Truth Correction Used straight to correct gray brows. Also, 2–3 drops added to any brown will help prevent graying in very cool skin tones.

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