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Master Class with Sumiko Lui (Kit is Not Included)

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A discovery call with Sumiko is recommended before signing onto the Master Class. Please click here to email us for a consultation request of a half hour. We will send you a calendar invite with a date time and via zoom.

Please Note these classes are now being conducted via Live Zoom and Google Hangouts Due to Covid-19 Restrictions.

Modules/Lessons per week are as follows;

Week 1: Sanitization, COVID-19, Public Health, Setting up your lash work station

Week 2: Eye Anatomy, Eye health and other conditions, Eyelash growth, Eye patching and Taping Methods

Week 3: Different types of lashes, Preparing the lashes, Lash Mapping

Week 4: Client Consultation, Step by step application technique, Isolation

Week 5: Adhesives, Lash removal products, Lash removal techniques

Week 6: Marketing tips, Booking your first clientele, Finding your target lash client, Creating loyal clientele

Week7: Social media, website, and marketing engagement and business tools

In addition, we provide digital teaching aids that can be revisited at anytime during your stay in our program and make it easy to revisit core concepts as you join the tribe of lash educators

Being a part of this program will give you KEY advantages over many other online or one day courses. Moguelle is a noun and adjective. As a group of empowered women who has an innate desire to empower women this is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This is a program that I designed for the newest budding artist to be able to have a career for a cause. Think about this, those who do nothing accomplish everything they set themselves out to do... BUT DID THEY LIVE?

Being in pursuit of excellence of the eyelash extension industry for the last decade has definitely been quite the experiment that I paid for with my time, money and health. No longer will you have to suffer these same mistakes!!!

Why would you want to make the same mistakes twice?!

In my first year as an artist I will tell you the truth... I worked for 5.00CAD an hour and I made 60.00 day because I didn't have the right mindset of learning as well as unlearning! But in my second 20.00 an hour because I finally had learned to learn and it gave insight into the weak sides of my Moguelle masterplan but because I STILL did not have the right:
-skill (yes - sadly I wouldn't say my skill because phenomenal until year 3)
-tools (beds, tweezers, lights etc)
-team (those who I am workking with to bring up around me so I can excel at that I was meant to do...LASHES)

Now I complete  sets and get paid closer on average to 85$hr with all my lash services combined, that is nothing to turn ones nose up to!  

The lis can go on forever, but rest assured, if you think my course is garbage let me know, I will MAKE IT BETTER as I did for my original lash clients, things have only EVER become EVEN BETTER overtime.

What are you waiting for Moguelle?
Dive in.

<3 Sumiko

following the Apprenticeship we provide a professional photoshoot and video shoot as part of your 'graduation day' when you receive your certificates.

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