That's So Clear Tanning Spray
That's So Clear Tanning Spray
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That's So Clear Tanning Spray

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Voted best self-tanner of the year by Elle Canada & Elle Québec!

That’so Glam Body Dark is going to be your best friend through every season. It looks incredibly natural and will never leave you looking orange! Trust us when we say this product will change your life! Intensely moisturizing for a long-lasting tan result.

Apply it after showering, exfoliating and shaving for deeply moisturized and soothed skin. This kind of foam formula requires the use of a tanning mitt for easy application. Made with food pigments for an immediate and intense tan without any risks for the skin. It also contains PROTEASYL, a vegetable complex able to fight elastic tissue degradation.

*the tanning mitt is not included.


  • Ingredients: sugar cane extract, Aloe Vera
  • DHA: 6%
  • Tanning degree: intense
  • Tanning duration: 4 days
  • Develops within 3-4 hours after application
  • Product type: foam
  • Application area: body
  • Instant tanning


Instant Bronzer Intensity: Medium DHA 6% or Dark DHA 10%

Perfume: Almond, Cherry & Vanilla

Size 150ml

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