That's So Professional Tanning Solution
That's So Professional Tanning Solution
That's So Professional Tanning Solution
That's So Professional Tanning Solution
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That's So Professional Tanning Solution

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Long Lasting Instant Bronzer. 

This naturally golden color develops in 6 seconds and lasts for about 5 days, gradually disappearing with normal cell exfoliation, without leaving spots or artificial-looking color (yellow/orange) on the skin.

Leaves the skin hydrated, even colored and does not have side effects. Stimulates collagen and has a pleasant scent.

Delicate Scent  |  Moisturizing Active ingredients (Aloe Vera)  |  Anti-age active ingredients (Matrixil ®) that make it a real skin beauty and wellbeing elixir  |  Effect intensifies after 4 hours

Dark 8%  |  Ultra Dark 10%  |  Miracle Dark 12%


NOTE: 14% Solution has been discontinued by vendor. If you are looking for a darker shade, we have the “BEAUTY DROPS – TANNING BOOSTER” to increase the intensity of DHA.

Size 1 L

These professional spray tanning liquids only contain DHA as a self-tanning ingredient. No erythrulosis here, but MATRIXYL. Matrixyl here not only has the function of a DHA transporter to the deeper stratum corneum, but above all has a firming effect on the skin by stimulating collagen synthesis.

Dark and Ultra Dark have a bronzer finish.

Aloe vera provides long-lasting hydration. This Miracle Dark contains 12% DHA for strong colour development after 6 hours, BUT due to the very light transparent colour pigments you see little immediate colour result = MIRACLE!. The advantage is that after the application of the spray tan, you have no colour transfer on your clothes… so don’t hesitate to wear summer white!

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